Zenith falls to DK in Loser's Bracket

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 02 September 2012 07:51

The Singaporean dream ended at round four of the Loser's Bracket where Zenith were defeated by Chinese powerhouse DK in a rather one-sided game. DK will now play iG for a slot in the Loser's Bracket finals.

Zenith decide to run an aggressive triple lane with a ton of action in the early game between both teams. Invoker planned to use Sun Strike to assist in ganks at bot lane but this was not possible with DK getting the early lead. The score was 10-2 at 14 minutes in favor of DK with Templar Assassin controlling most of the map. DK was already base diving for kills by that point.

At 18 minutes, DK placed the Aegis on Templar Assassin while Zenith were forced to stay in their base while DK patiently chipped away at the middle barracks. With middle barracks taken at 27 minutes despite four buybacks from Zenith and bottom barracks at 30 minutes, Zenith eventually called GG for the last time.

Final standings The International 2012:
1. Other
2. Other
3. Other
4. Other
5. Singapore Zenith
5. China EHOME
7. China TongFu
7. Malaysia Orange
9. Sweden CLG
9. United States compLexity
9. United States Team EG
9. Ukraine Darer
13. Europe mTw
13. Germany mousesports
13. Russia Moscow 5
13. Australia absolute Legends

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