GamersLeague top Division 1 with four matches played

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 18 July 2012 09:27

With one win and three draws, GamersLeague (ex-HelloMoto) claim a narrow lead over mousesports who have yet to play two matches from Playdays 3 and 4. Meanwhile, in the midst of StarLadder last week, mTw drew Wolves in a heavily contested Game 2 which went in the latter's favor.

Bulgaria GamersLeague1-1Kazakhstan NEXT.kz14/7
Denmark Wolves1-1Europe mTw14/7
Bulgaria GamersLeague1-1United States BFB17/7

As teams pick up from where they left off before StarLadder, the table will once again take shape as mousesports take consecutive wins over mTw and Wolves respectively.

GamersLeague, on the other hand, are looking to be a strong contender for a podium finish this season, remaining undefeated in the best of two proceedings after four matches, and having already played Darer, mTw and

Standings Division 1
1Bulgaria GamersLeague 413015
2Germany mouz2 20024
2Kazakhstan NEXT.kz312014
4Ukraine Darer210102
4Europe mTw3021-12
4United States BFB3021-12
4Denmark Wolves 3021-12
8Russia M5*2011-11

More information: GosuLeague