Keita not going to Kiev - SLTV finals down to five

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 10 July 2012 18:47
Only five teams will compete at the SLTV finals this weekend. After team CLG, team EG, team mTw, now the Swedes of Keita Gaming have resigned their participation.

Keita Gaming is yet another team that has confirmed it is not going to participate at the StarSeries LAN finals from 12 July to 15 July in Kiev. Just today, it was announced that Empire, instead of mTw, would replace team Evil Geniuses.

This way, the tournament in Kiev is down to five teams. Keita Gaming will not be replaced. The tournament starts on Thursday with a group phase, now with only 10 instead of 15 matches. The top 4 teams will proceed to the double-elimination bracket played from Friday to Sunday.

Five teams playing - four teams denying

Na'Vi, mousesports, Darer, Moscow 5 and Empire will play in Kiev, making this a 4 times CIS + 1 European team tournament. CLG denied the possible participation even before qualifying, they wouldn't get the full roster to Kiev at this weekend. Evil Geniuses confirmed that the team was unwilling to pay the expenses for the intercontinental travel. In case of mTw, the short notice are said to be the main problem. For Keita Gaming, money issues are also rumored, but not officially confirmed.

StarLadder Finals
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Source: StarLadder