GosuLeague: Na`Vi, Empire, zNation invited to Division 2

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 03 July 2012 00:55

GosuGamers can announce that the two lower divisions of GosuLeague has gotten three fresh teams that will give Division 2A and 2B some more muscle. Welcome to GosuLeague, Natus Vincere, zNation and Team Empire.

Division 2A season changes
delete.png Denmark Copenhagen Wolves (Promoted to Division 1)
delete.png Brazil Vince Te Ipsum (Disqualified)
delete.png Europe MassPro (Disqualified)
delete.png France BLAST (Forfeit)
add.png Sweden Team Infused (Demoted from Division 1)
add.png Ukraine Natus Vincere (Invite)
add.png Russia zNation (Invite)
add.png Other To be determined (Qualifier Top 2 #1)
Division 2B season changes
delete.png Other HelloMoto/uebelst (Promoted to Division 1)
delete.png Europe Dotings2Good (Disqualified)
delete.png Ukraine Sky.Gaming (Disqualified)
add.png Germany EYES ON U (Demoted from Division 1)
add.png Russia Team Empire (Invite)
add.png Other To be determined (Qualifier Top 2 #2)
While the second season of GosuLeague is coming to a close on Tuesday, we can already take a peek at what is to come for the third season.

Before any show can kick off, the actors must gather up on the stage. And due to five teams dropping out of the GosuLeague because of to disbandment or too many forfeited matches, we invited three teams directly into the two lower divisions as well as opened up a qualifier where the top two finishers will move directly into Division 2A and 2B.

Na`Vi, zNation, Empire to add spice
To fill up the disqualified and forfeiting teams, we have invited some of the top teams in the European scene. Joining us for Division 2A will be Natus Vincere and zNation. They will battle with season one champs Team Infused, a team from Wednesday's qualifier as well as last season participants.

Division 2B will also get its spice as Team Empire will ride in to fight last season's Division 1 team EYES ON U, the loser between HelloMoto and uebelst and of course last season's participants bar the disqualified two Dotings2Good and Sky.Gaming.

The third season of GosuLeague will start very soon, so keep your eyes pinned for more updates.

GosuLeague \ Season 3 \ Division 2A
Sweden Team Infused
Czech Republic iN
Germany BAFFD
Jordan YoungReblz
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Russia zNation
Other Qualifier Top 2 #1
GosuLeague \ Season 3 \ Division 2B
Europe HelloMoto / Germany uebelst
Germany EYES ON U
Portugal 404.
Belarus PowerRangers
Europe Super!!
Russia GlobiX
Russia Empire
Other Qualifier Top 2 #2