Ferrari: Be patient, never rush

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Ferrari_430" Luo Feichi, also known as "The Pianist", is one of the most accomplished Dota 2 players. He, with his team, has already conquered the championship on major tournaments in the form of TI2 and G-League. GosuGamers had the chance to have an interview with him, as he talked about the team and their recent win in the G-League.

INTERVIEW: China Luo Feichi "Ferrari_430"
Hello Ferrari. Congratulations on winning the G-League. How are you doing? -"I’m feeling very good, being able to win another big tournament’s title." Considering your team was away for about a month and a half, do you think the 10 days of training was sufficient for the event? In the ten short days of training, what was mainly the focus of the training? -"Because the teams were on vacation, the 10 days was to see who could find pace of the game." Prior to going into the finals, I’m sure iG is quite aware of LGD.Int’s early pushes before the 10th minute mark. What was the plan going into the game knowing they will be doing the same thing? -"Banning few of the strong pushing heroes." In all the games, LGD.Int’s roaming supports were applying a lot of pressure on the mid lane. How did you handle the pressure and how does your action benefit the team? -"This would require team members to report missing. Then you should spend your time being less aggressive, dying in a match is detrimental for your team."

430's G-League profile

If they got out of position we would just demolish them.
In game one, LGD.Int grouped up relatively early and focus on pushing down the top lane. ChuaN got picked off a few times before you guys sent reinforcement by fighting them 5v5 at top. Are there no other ways to counter LGD.Int except grouping up too? -"The ideal way of dealing is to basically have 2 members with AOE to delay the push while taking advantage of them grouping up and taking the other lanes’ tower." In an interview with Brax, he mentioned that he thinks they drafted wrong especially in game two, giving up the Lifestealer and Lone Druid. They also picked Pugna and Sven but have no idea how to play it properly. Do you agree with him that the draft won you guys the game or if not, tell us why? -"In the second game, their line up made them incredibly difficult to defeat us. They were a pushing line-up and we had an AOE line-up as well as Magnus. Therefore, if they got out of position we would just demolish them. " Apart from the draft, you also played a very impressive Magnus in game two, casting RP on four heroes at least three times. What is with your Magnus that makes it so good? -"Be patient, never rush." Let’s talk about the draft in general. Your team went Keeper of the Light/Phantom Lancer and Lone Druid/Lifestealer twice in the finals. Any particular reasons why iG picked these combinations? -"This is because recently we’ve been training a lot with these two combinations which we felt was able to produce good results." Have you guys tried unorthodox heroes while experimenting before the finals? Tell us some of the heroes you guys thought about but did not end up using. -"That unorthodox hero would be Juggernaut but LGD.int got to him. We plan to discover new unorthodox heroes in the future." Speaking of unorthodox heroes, LGD.Int picked Lycanthrope in game three to much surprise. Do you think the weird pick won them the game or was the mistakes from iG? Do you foresee Lycan becoming a top pick anytime soon? -"Lycan as a hero, when he gets enough items he would cause a lot of trouble, though his weakness is his current jungling effectiveness. A fat laning lycan with a disabler/support strength isn’t actually that strong but our line-up for game three was bad."

We plan to discover new unorthodox hero in the future.
Your team was left defending the barracks for over 50 minutes in game four before being able to step out of the base. Describe to us the game-plan for your team when LGD.Int was so ferociously pushing in. -"To defend every outer tower with our best, then win them with team fights." Again on the interview with Brax, he mentioned that they probably could have tried forcing their way in with the Aegis and 2 Cheese especially when ChuaN uses his stun on the Spirit Bear. Do you think Brax is right or if not, why do you think they could not have pushed in anyway? -"Their main source of damage output is from the Spirit Bear. If they were to charge into the base, that would definitely be better than dragging the game. However, most of us have the gold for buybacks at all time anyway. If they overextend and drag the game is also detrimental to them. About how to push in, I feel that they should have maybe re-evaluate on who to give the Roshan drops to and their item choices." Many European teams are using Gyrocopter to counter illusion based heroes like Phantom Lancer and it has been proven to work. In the grand final, Western viewers realized that Gyro was neither banned nor picked in all games. What do you think of Gyrocopter and why was it not used in any of the games? -"During our training, we encountered this hero. I feel that he and Shadow Fiend has a lot in common although the hero itself is very squishy making it easier to be burst down, needing the team’s support to protect its life." How do you feel after winning such a long game and also the G-League? -"After playing I felt very tired, after I was happy (Smile)" What do you think about Na`Vi’s recent roster change and announcement to move to China for bootcamping. A lot of people are very disappointed with LoH going inactive. -"I am very happy they are coming to China. We will have another strong team to practice against. It is very unfortunate that LoH went inactive. LoH is a very stable and good player especially during TI2. His Black Holes was a very important decider in a lot of games."

The pace of games has increased a lot
Na`Vi’s CEO boldly claimed that they want to dominate the Asian scene. What do you have to say to that? -"I'm more excited about learning new thing from them rather than the topic of how they will dominate the East" Now that we are speaking of meta-games, how do you think the meta-game has changed before and after the Chinese New Year? What happened to Invoker pick? -"The pace of games has increased a lot, Invoker as a hero requires a lot of level. Compared to other heroes who at level 6 who are able to gank and push down toweres, he can only stay in the middle to lane and get levels and farm. In addition to that, he is easily ganked and does not fit the current favoured bottle playstyle. Before that, playing online has made it difficult to play him, so it is more difficult to find a place for him and choose his playstyle. " Besides that, Anti-Mage was also neither banned nor picked throughout the finals although it was a big favourite in the groupstage. How does it not fit in the current meta-game? -"Maybe Anti-Mage is not favoured by us nor LGD.int, maybe if there was LGD.cn or DK playing then we will see him." We understand that iG is now on another vacation. When will you guys assemble in Shanghai again for proper training? -"March 15th." So what will be next for iG? -"Training seriously and prepare for TI3!" Alright Ferrari. Thank you so much for the interview. Would you like to give a last shoutout to all your fans? -"I’m happy to accept the interview, to all my fans, I would like thank all of them for liking Ferrari Dota, and I also want to thank Dota 2 for being able to give us a refreshing feeling."
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