iZONE vs Mith.Trust in the final

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 16 March 2013 14:50

The grand final of March's edition of Gigabite Esport Tournament is known, it is champions iZONE.Gigabyte going up against Mith.Trust from Thailand.

There will be no double Philippinean final this time around as Mith.Trust continued their streak in the lower bracket by eliminating Pacific. The game was somewhat in Pacific's control by then it was remade due to a player disconnected and not being able to join. The game was restarted from scratch with a new draft and Mith.Trust had the better team spirit aswell as the better overall play in the new game. They cut the process short for Pacific and will be up against iZONE in the grand final next.

The stream for the game is available here

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