DotA Report - September

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 23 September 2011 10:00

A hectic month in terms of competitions, but fortunately a quiet month in terms of transfers. Chinese competitions came thick and fast, whilst major European competitions, as well as GosuGamers very own GosuCup, entered theirs final stages. 

Another exciting development was Valve lifting the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which meant that the public were finally able to see some Dota 2 action. With so many beta keys up for grabs, look out for the many ways to obtain one at the end of the feature.

Special Feature
To kick start this month's feature, let me bring your attention back to one of the major happenings of last month, the disbandment of the Danish contingent of MeetYourMakers. MYM have since recruited a South-east Asian team, and for a sense of closure we bring you a short and exclusive interview with one of the ex-MYM players, MiSeRy.

MYM were the team many were tipping to beat the Chinese post-Gamescom, and many were shocked when the team announced their disbandment. Can you shed any light behind the reasons for this disbandment?
-"There's not much to say about the disbandment, the only thing you need to know is that it was a friendly disband and maybe you will see us together again."

Will you care to share your thoughts on MYM’s new roster, with Hyhy and YamateH?
-"With or without Yamateh, its a very strong team. It's definitely a good replacement for MYM."

Shortly afterwards, rumors emerged of some of the ex-MYM guys forming another team. Can you officially confirm and state the roster?
-"Yeah, the new team consists of Demon, Fear, Playmate, Pajkatt and I."

If I'm not wrong your team name is for the moment ADDS?
-"Yeah, I guess so. It’s just a temporary name"

What are some of your plans for the future? Will this team ADDS be attending other LAN competitions?
-"Hopefully we'll be able to attend the various upcoming tournaments, ESTC, WDC, SMM etc... It all depends on the sponsor, but be sure that we are ready to fight!"

ESTC is coming along soon, can fans look forward to finally being able to see the new team in action? -"I honestly don't have a clear answer to that, but it would be a great way to get our game going and in case we attend we won't disappoint you!" How is your search for sponsors progressing? -"Well we're looking and we have some in mind but no final answer or nothing secure." Thanks for accepting this interview, and before we end off, are there any last shoutouts you want to give? -"Shoutout to MYM, Maelk, Mania, Pusher. Shoutout to the Valve crew and to my awesome fans!"

Transfer Update:

Transfers: September
PlayersFromtoNew TeamNews
Albania Garter
France 7cknMad
Other OtherFrance VirusNews
China APR
China ARS
Other OtherChina EHOMENews
United States DeMoN
Denmark Misery
Denmark Playmate
Denmark MYMOther ADDSNews
United States FearDarkness
Sweden PajKatt
Other OK.NvOther ADDSNews
China NokiaChina DtHfChina DT^ClubNews
Sweden DRUIDZN/ASweden EmocoreNews
China KsssssOther OtherChina TyLooNews
China PCTOther OtherChina EHOMENews
Verdict: A quiet month in terms of transfers, probably due to the many DotA competitions that have started and with LAN tournaments mere months away, teams will get some much needed stability in order to produce their best.
Retirements / Status Unknown: France 100kpm from Virus (Inactive) Denmark syndereN from ex-nevo (casting with joinDota) China Crystal As compared to the flurry of transfers last month, this month saw little activity in the market and understandably so, with so many major online and offline DotA events to come. Right at the beginning of the month, French flagship team Virus, participants in 'The International', recruited Garter and 7ckMad to fill the void created by the departure of 100kpm and Vladtepes; the latter will remain on the roster as a sixth player. Swedish team Druidz have dropped their sponsors and will now play under the name EMoCore. Members from the now defunct Danish MYM have also joined up with Fear and Pajkatt from OK.Nirvana under the temporary name ADDS. Who could have foreseen DeMoN linking up with his American compatriot, and where does this leave OK.Nirvana? After the departure of 820, EHOME signed two new players in APR and ARS, however, with recent performances not up to scratch, FCB came out of retirement as a stop-gap measure to prevent further slide in results. This resulted in some misunderstandings on whether his return was official.(Read an interview with FCB here.) It was later confirmed that EHOME did indeed replace APR, albeit not with Crystal, but rather ex-WE player PCT. Ksssss also came out of retirement to play for TyLoo. Nokia, from the now-disbanded DtHf side also made a comeback to DotA with DT^Club which made their debut in the Wuxi cup. To supplement this transfer information, we bring you a list of confirmed rosters for teams involved in major changes.

Overview of Teams
China ARS
China PCT
China Dai
China Lamn
China RCC/357
China xiao8
China ZSMJ
China Yao / xiao_D
China DD
China DDC
China Seaking
China Banana
China xiaoluo
China KingJ
China GuAI

China Zhou
China 430
China SanSheng
China Awoke
China Faith

China YYF
Malaysia ChuaN
China ch
China 830
China beNz
China xB
China BurNing
China Yueru
China LongDD
China Zippo
China Gucci
China hot
China darl
China prettyHaw
China Kssssss
China YaoDao
China Sylar
China Fnty
China Li
China MoFi
China Hayabusa
China yAobAi
China Hao
China Wind
China MU
Singapore hyhy
Singapore Tofu
Singapore Roy
Singapore iceiceice
Singapore xy-
Malaysia YaMateH
Russia PGG
Russia G
Russia Dread
Russia Vigoss
Russia NS
Denmark Ryze
Denmark Link
Denmark eatenfish
Denmark CalculuS
Denmark miGGel
Denmark Angel
France Maldejambes
France Socks
France Ph0eniix
France 7ckinMad
France Vladtepes
Albania Garter

Concluded Tournaments
Techlabs Cup
FirstUkraine Na`Vi$4,000
SecondRussia M5$2,000
ThirdUkraine Amsi Team$1,000
TGX 2011
FirstPhilippines MI$2,500
SecondMalaysia Orange$1,600
ThirdMalaysia MUFC$800
No Replays Available
SMM Singapore
FirstSingapore Aeon$650
SecondSingapore GGHT$330
ThirdSingapore Alien+4$200
No Replays Available
ACG China
First PlaceChina DK
Second PlaceChina OK.Nv.cn
Third PlaceChina iG.Y
China TyLoo

TGX 2011 was the first LAN tournament for the month, held in Singapore. Mineski Infinity dominated the tournament, not losing a single game on their way to the title. TGX also saw the debut of new Malaysian team Orange-Esports, with the likes of Mushi in their roster, but the were powerless to halt MI's march to the title, coming in a respectable 2nd place. Fellow Malaysian team MUFC took 3rd.

WuXi Cup
First PlaceChina DK$4,000
Second PlaceChina iG.Y$2,400
Third PlaceChina LGD$1,600

In Europe, Na`Vi again made the headlines with their ruthless demolition of teams in the TechLabs Cup on LAN in Kiev, Ukraine. Russian player ARS-ART proved to be a more than capable stand-in for captain Artstyle and Na`Vi romped to victory, arguably only experiencing slight difficulties against the Russian side M5. Former Na`Vi player Amsi and his team rounds up the podium finishers. Quite a number of Chinese tournaments were announced and concluded this month, including ACG China Qualifiers as well as the Wuxi International e-Sports Cup. A revitalised DK side swept away all competition to take the championship in both competitions, with LongDD taking a starring role. It will be interesting to see their future performances in the numerous upcoming competitions in China, but many are already deeming their recent performances as their best ever in a DK shirt.

Tournaments in Progress / to come

ICSC 9 - Groupstage III
Group A3Group B3
Sweden EmocoreGermany GGnet
France VirusUkraine Na`Vi
Macedonia GCDenmark Monkey
Ukraine Hard TeamRussia Moscow5
ESWC 20-25th
Team List (so far)
Ukraine Na`Vi
Serbia 4GL
Denmark monkey
G-League 4-6 Oct
Qualified Teams
China TyLoo
China iG.Z
China Nv.Cn
China WE
China DtHf
China iG.Y
China DK
China DT
ESTC 2011 6-9 October
Philippines Mineski Infinity Philippines Mineski Grounds Malaysia Invasion-ReD Malaysia Orange Esport Indonesia RitteR-ART China EVE Malaysia MUFC Singapore PMS|Asterisk* Singapore MYM.SG Singapore AEONSports Burma GoG Burma E-bomb Burma G7 Gaming


GosuCup 4 Groupstage
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Denmark Monkeyb.
Germany .exe
Sweden FUBAR
Egypt [CC]
Russia OSi
France Virus
Turkey KYe
Greece icon
Russia FiveStars
Sweden Rangers
Germany PANZER
Bulgaria S4M
Sweden EMC
Greece F|Five
Macedonia GC
Europe CC
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
United States ez Style
Argentina BK|(
Peru PDI
Other DIE
Brazil uE
Peru A51
Argentina LOST.ar
United States Waffle Fort
Malaysia MUFC
Malaysia RGC.AGL
Vietnam SkyNet
Malaysia Noble
Malaysia Orange
Singapore GGHT
Malaysia GizMo
Malaysia ReD
Together with G-League, ESTC will be one of the major events in October. G-League, with its $30,000 prize pool is what many Chinese teams aim for and is one of the most lucrative events in the Chinese Calender. ESTC, often over-shadowed by SMM as the premier South-east Asian DotA tournament, is no less prestigious. This year's event, unlike the last, will unfortunately not involve the Chinese teams, but it will surely be one to look for, especially with the debut of the new MYM.SG. Interesting to note is the fact that ESWC has converted its DotA event into a Dota 2 event, leading some to question the wisdom of this decision. Still, with top names participating, only time will tell whether the tournament will be a success. Last but not least, GosuGamers very own GosuCup will continue with its group stages.

Betakey Contests:
Betakey Contests
GosuGamersFacebook GiveawayClosed, winners being chosen
GosuGamersTechies Lasthitting ContestConcluded, 7 winners
GosuGamersDota Talk LogoClosed, winners being chosen
GosuGamers1 on 1 Cup EUClosed, 2 winners
GosuGamersDotA Punting 1Closed, 1 winner
GosuGamers1 on 1 Cup EU #2Open, sign up here
GosuGamers1 on 1 Cup AsiaOpen, sign up here
joinDotAGiveawayWinner chosen daily
Dota Commentaries5 on 5Open, sign up here
MUFC DotAFacebook namingIn Progress, check progress here
SGamerVariety of Contests, 6 keys up for grabsIn Progress, more information here
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