Meet the improved auction house

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 20 August 2012 19:35

The list of big changes in 1.0.4. continues to grow. Today, Blizzard reveal the upgrades that will hit the auction house, including major modifications to the UI.

The first details about the Auction House changes surfaced two weeks ago and have now been made official.

A look at the blue post reveals that many of community's demands have been met, including:

More "Preferred Stats" boxes, increased from 3 to 6
Socketed gems not counting towards the "Preferred Stats" value when searching
Armor, DPS, Buyout and Time Left are made sortable columns in the Search tab
The listing price of an expired or cancelled auction will be shown in the Completed tab
Tooltips showing the item stats will be added to the Completed tab so that players can compare past auctions and decided sell prices on new ones
Item Compare tooltips have been added to the recommended tab
Searching for stats on Legendary items

Overall, it looks like the Auction House will become very easy to navigate come 1.0.4. Additional improvements include upping the allowed number for preferred stats to include four digit numbers, the replacement of "Minimum damage" and "Maximum damage" with "Average damage" and increasing the maximum gold stack from 100,000 to 1,000,000 - a necessary change considering the ever increasing gold reserves of the players.



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