Changes to the Auction House incoming

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 03 August 2012 16:51
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Community manager Lylirra confirmed that a Blizzard are looking forward to a number of improvements to the Diablo 3 auction house, increasing the "preferred stats" slots from 3 to 6 included.

On if more search options will be added to the auction house:

- "Thanks for the feedback! We’re looking to bump the number of Preferred Stats slots from 3 up to 6. We’re also looking to bump the number of digits in the “Min Value” window from 3 to 5 (so you can search for Preferred Stat values higher than “999″)."

This is something that players asked for ever since rich on stats rares flooded the market which was a natural outcome of millions of people farming for items extensively. The very same problem was addressed by popular Diablo community figure Kripparrian in his "Top 5 overdue changes to Diablo 3", who said that this was one of the major reasons that bad gear still sells: players just could not adequately search for the exact equipment they need.

Blizzard are also looking into implementing a "Cancel auction" feature for items that have no bids.

- "We like this solution also. We definitely want to provide players with the option to cancel an auction (at any point after it’s posted) so long as it does not have any bids. Right now, we’re looking at this for 1.0.4, but that of course may change depending on implementation and testing."

Another two improvements without a set date that Lylirra talks about are selecting duration of auction (no current plans yet) and enhanced functionality of the "Completed" tab.

- "You mean stats of items in the Completed tab? If so, yes — that is functionality we’re looking to add. We’re also looking to make it so that you can see the listing price of unsold and cancelled items in the Completed tab, as well.

(Not sure if that answered your last question completely, but I still felt it was relevant information to share.)"


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