OPINION: Why Blizzard's Inferno experiment has failed

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 08 June 2012 20:44
devt-feature2-240155.jpgOn Wednesday, Blizzard made a major announcement on the upcoming changes Patch 1.0.3 will bring to Diablo III. Following up on last week's article, our author Stefan "Devt" Kreutz comments on the alterations and shares his view on why Inferno is turning into yet another Hell difficulty.

- "All my friends are dead," says Devt in his latest piece. "Since the release of Diablo III, my friend list has gotten noticably emptier. Where I used to see fifteen to twenty people playing the game, there are now three or less; instead of playing games with a full party, I am now either playing on my own or with the one friend who still enjoys grinding her way through Inferno with me. A huge amount of people who expected to stick with this game for months to come have thrown in the towel, at least until something fundamentally changes about the game they were looking forward to for so long."

Read the article that further touches base on the coming alterations for the game and the problem with Inferno today.

- "When Inferno was introduced as a concept, I was looking forward to Diablo III having an actual PvE "endgame" that didn't just consist of running single bosses over and over again, something that was supposed to come after Hell mode; not replace it."


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