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Pinnacle Cup III promises more excitement in a new $100,000 tournament

CS:GO Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

The winner of the tournament will qualify directly for the Pinnacle World Cup 2022.

Pinnacle has announced the Pinnacle Cup III as part of their continual commitment to the CS:GO Pro Circuit. This is off the back of the Pinnacle Cup II that was held earlier this year.

As per the previous edition, Pinnacle Cup III will follow the same format, with a $100,000 prize pool split to $80,000 to the grand winner and $20,000 for the runner up.

 “The Pinnacle Cup has become a firmly established tournament in the esports calendar this year, and its ability to attract so many of the world's foremost teams is truly humbling to us. CS: GO is a focus title for Pinnacle, and it's proven to produce mass viewership across our key regions, so we are naturally excited to announce the third edition of our Pinnacle Cup CSGO series. But this is just the start. Building on the success of previous tournaments, we are working alongside our partners in the background to develop a Pinnacle World Championships and potential LAN event for 2022. Watch this space!" - Ben Cove, CMO - Pinnacle

Pinnacle Cup III will start on November 8 for the group stages, November 11 for the Swiss stage and November 21 for the playoffs, with the grand finals scheduled for November 23. The biggest teams in CS:GO will look to follow in the same footsteps as previous winners Gambit Esports and Team Spirit.

Broadcasts will take place on the broadcast network The Esports Bible, who already broadcasted the Home Sweet Home franchise. Fans can catch the action at twitch.tv/TEBTV and twitch.tv/TEBTVRU.

GRID will be the exclusive data partner once again for the event. GosuGamers is the Official Media Partner of the Pinnacle Cup III - so stay tuned for more news on the tournament.

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Screenshot from Sinners vs AGO in Pinnacle Cup II

Pinnacle Cup III teams

For Group Stage

  • 777
  • LDLC
  • GamerLegion
  • Lyngby Vikings
  • 1WIN
  • Nemiga
  • KOVA
  • LVG
  • Unique
  • Galaxy Racer
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)

 For Swiss Stage

  • K23
  • CPH Flames
  • HAVU
  • Forze
  • Entropiq
  • Dignitas
  • Sharks
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)
  • (TBA)

For Playoffs

  • TBA (invited directly to the Playoffs)
  • TBA (invited directly to the Playoffs)
  • TBA (invited directly to the Playoffs)
  • TBA (invited directly to the Playoffs)

Pinnacle Cup III Format:

Group Stage:

  • 16 invited teams
  • Four groups of four
  • The winner of each group will advance to Swiss Stage
  • All games are Bo3

Swiss Stage:

  • 4 qualified teams from the group stage
  • 12 invited teams
  • Standard Swiss Stage tournament
  • All games are Bo3
  • 8 will continue to playoffs


  • 8 qualified teams from Swiss Stage battle in quarterfinals round 1
  • 4 qualified teams will proceed to quarterfinals round 2 against 4 invited teams
  • 4 teams battle it out for semi-finals and grand final
  • All games are Bo3

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