Five CS:GO Players have been banned by ESEA

CS:GO Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

The results of the ESIC investigation have nabbed these names with the further investigation still going on.

Five CS:GO Players have been banned by the ESEA for match fixing, making them the first casualties in the investigation by ESIC on match-fixing in the US. The announcement was made after leaked audio, where three of the names were discussing how they can throw their games in two of their ESEA matches.

The five names are (current team names in brackets)

- Sebastian “retchy” Tropiano (ChocoCheck)

- 4pack (Inactive)

- nosraC (ChocoCheck)

- Alex “vek” Voynov (OCG)

- David “J0LZ” Jolin (OCG)

“As part of the ongoing ESIC investigation, we are suspending the players from Team Rebirth from all competitions until the investigation is concluded. We continue to support ESIC and will always enforce actions against violations of competitive integrity.” ESEA (E-Sports Entertainment Association League)

Three ex-Team Rebirth Esports players are suspended, as are the two members of Russian Canadians who were alleged to be participating as well. The full transcript of the recording can be read here.


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