CEVO Season 9 Professional Placement Tournament announced

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CEVO have announced their Season 9 Professional Placement Tournament, that is set to kick off tomorrow.

A total of thirty-two teams from Europe and North America will be butting heads over the course of February 10th-15th, in a bid to secure two spots at the recently announced CEVO Gfinity CS:GO Pro-League Season 9.

In terms of formats for the event, we will see the Upper bracket played out in a best-of-three map series, whereas the Lower bracket will see a best-of-one series. The top two finalists will be invited to participate in the aforementioned CEVO Gfinity CS:GO Pro-League Season 9, that will take place at the Gfinity Arena in London, UK on April 28th through May 1st, boasting a very impressive $125,000 prize pool.

Below you will find two tables with all participating teams for each region:


Germany PENTA Sports Sweden DenDD Europe nevermind Sweden Publicir.se
Europe Orgless United Kingdom BEASTS CSGO Norway fan javla Russia Team YP
Finland ENCE.ASUSROG Norway Lions E-Sports Germany KILLERFISH Sweden Torpedo.gg
United Kingdom FM eSports Sweden CringeGods Russia Team Empire Sweden Lemondogs


North America

United States VAULT United States Noble e-Sports United States Obey Alliance United States Dying Breed
United States WOOSAH United States Tectonic.gg United States out United States Vanquish CSGO
Canada VvV United States ex-AA United States Dreamboat Canada Ace Gaming
United States WinOutNET United States SteamAnalyst eSports Mexico Team Quetzal Canada No ID

Following is the schedule for the upcoming days, all times are CET (GMT+1):

Wednesday, February 10th
20:00 - Round of 16
22:30 - Round of 8 / Lower Bracket Round 1

Thursday, February 11th
20:00 - Round of 4 / Lower Bracket Round 2 
21:15 - Lower Bracket Round 3

Sunday, February 14th
20:00 - Upper Bracket Qualification Round / Lower Bracket Round 4
21:15 - Lower Bracket Round 5

Monday, February 15th
21:00  - Lower Bracket Qualification Round

Stay tuned to GosuGamers.net for further information regarding the CEVO Season 9 Professional Placement Tournament, as well as all eSports related news.


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