Cologne 2015: Fnatic to face EnVyUs in the Grand Final

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Today we saw Fnatic once again prove their supremacy by defeating 2-1 in a series of very close matches between the two powerhouses, securing their placement in the Grand Final facing team EnVyUs.

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The second semi-final match saw Fnatic, the current kings of the CS:GO pro scene, face, ranked 3rd in the world. Both teams had a very good chance of reaching thus far, unfortunately one of the teams will have to stop their journey here and start packing their stuff for the flight back home.

The first map of the series was de_mirage, a map greatly favours and Fnatic recently had some issues with in the quarter finals against Luminosity Gaming. VP played phenomenally well, considering the fact that they started on the T side. In the first half, we saw a 9-6 score in favour of, with the in-game leader Wiktor ‘’Taz’’ Wojtas showing just how much momentum the team has gathered over the course of the major, demonstrating some absolutely incredible plays. The second half of the match started off with VP winning the pistol round and subsequently winning seven consecutive rounds thereafter. It was an unexpected performance and set the Poles at a one map lead, greatly boosting their confidence going into the second map.

Following up was de_inferno, a map Fnatic is arguably the best in the world at. The Polish team was not destined to go down easily and put up an incredible fight. VP secured the pistol round at the start of the match, gaining some much needed spirit to help push them further into the match. The score ended up landing at a nail-biting 8-7 in favour of Fnatic for the first half, and the atmosphere was absolutely explosive going into the second. In the second half we saw VP pick up another pistol round, furthering their confidence and lead. At the 13-10 score point, where VP was in the lead, Fnatic took a time out, which seemed to bring a massive difference to the table, allowing the Swedes to equalise to a 13-13 score and finally secure the match at an incredibly close 16-14.

Finally we saw de_cobblestone, a map the viewers, for some reason, seemed to favour greatly. Fnatic took reign over the Poles, regardless of the fact that VP secured the pistol round at the start of the match. Throughout the first half we saw a very strong performance from Fnatic’s CT side, resulting in an 8-7 lead. At the start of the second half we saw an unsuccessful aggression from which lead to a loss of the pistol round. A pause was made by to reassess the situation they were in at the 14-7 mark. Following this pause came a crushing succession of wins from Fnatic, cementing their title as Kings and pushing their winning streak into the Grand Final of ESL Cologne 2015, where they will be facing the French  team EnVyUs.

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