Format and participants list for IEM Cologne announced

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ESL has revealed more details on the IEM Gamescom CS:GO tournament which will feature a $85,000 prize pool.

Two months ago ESL announced that Counter-Strike will make a return to Intel Extreme Masters series after being left out for three seasons. Today they have revealed more details including a whole new format and participants list.

The tournament type is set to invitational which means that all six teams will get a direct invites. These teams will then play in a whole new and unique format:


  • Each team is granted four lives For every game lost, teams lose a life
  • For every game won, teams will get to choose which two teams play each other next
  • Map choices will be made via community participation
  • The tournament continues until there is only one team with lives left


We are very proud of our Counter-Strike legacy, so it was a great pleasure to reintroduce this franchise to the Intel Extreme Masters. This showcase format will hopefully be a great one-time warmup for the rest of what’s to come this season. - said Michal Blicharz, managing director of Pro gaming at ESL.

The six invited teams are:
Denmark Team Solomid
Australia Renegades
France Team EnVyUs
United States Counter Logic Gaming
Germany mousesports
Denmark SK Gaming

Moreover, ESL has also announced that the future IEM events in San Jose and Katowice will also feature Counter-Strike:Global Offensive as one of the official titles.

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