ESL has revealed more details for European qualifiers

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The European qualifiers will have four pre-qualifiers. The top four teams from each will gather in the final qualifier where the top six teams will compete for the main event in Cologne. The first three qualifiers will be region locked, while the fourth one will be open for all.

ESL has revelead more details on qualification methods for ESL One Cologne. The qualifiers will contain four groups, all of which will be played in a single elimination best-of-one format, except for the final round which may be extended to a best-of-three, depending on the amount of teams and available time. The first three qualifiers are region locked: North Qualifier, South-East Qualifier and South-West Qualifier, while the last one will be open for all teams across Europe.

A full schedule:

  • North Qualifier – 30/06 & 01/07
  • South-West Qualifier – 02/07 & 03/07
  • South-East Qualifier – 14/07 & 15/07
  • Open Qualifier – 22/07, 23/07 & 24/07
  • European Finals – 26/07 & 27/07


The top four teams from each qualifier will have qualified for the European Finals where the top six teams will earn their spot for the Main Event in Cologne. The map pool for all qualifiers will consist of the most common maps: de_dust2, de_nuke, de_inferno, de_train & de_mirage. The European Finals will have a slightly different format where teams will be put into a double elimination bracket with best-of-three matches.

Registrations for all qualifiers are open from now until 18:00 CEST on the first day of the respective qualifier. Check-ins will be required. For further information on how to sign up and check-in for the qualifiers you can head over to this page.

Source: ESL

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