NightEnd teamless for just a day, joins Romanian-based NewRoSoft

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 29 weeks, 14 hours ago

After leaving Fnatic just yesterday, NightEnd was reported to have joined NewRoSoft. NightEnd will play alongside names like Welmu and KrasS and becomes the fifth member of the team.

Following his three-year stint with Fnatic, NightEnd is quick to find a new team after parting with the black-and-orange on February 5th. The Romanian Protoss will join forces with his compatriots from NewRoSoft and will strengthen up the Protoss roster currently consisting of Finland's Welmu and Ukraine's Underdark.

Based in Bucharest, team NewRoSoft are equipped with a dedicated practice house and it's likely that NightEnd will join his team-mates there.

Source: Facebook

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