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Name Radoslav Kolev
Location Bulgaria, Plovdiv
Date of birth 1987-10-16 (30 years old)
Status Offline
Registered 10 years, 13 weeks ago
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feelynx @ 1 year ago

hi, are you admin? plz visit this - i w8 my opponent, but they have a trouble.


milonkumarshil @ 2 years ago


gERM @ 2 years ago

Hello Nydra, I won first match against my opponent in TBO, then he went offline and unfriended, now I can't get into contact with him.

Charge @ 2 years ago

both of my opponent in the round 2 match seem afk

yoshiokawa @ 2 years ago

my opponent wrong to write his battletag. & he did not send me a friend request.


zheming @ 2 years ago

Can you please update the score for my game 2 against BlackLouis90?

I have won but the page was not properly loaded so i can't update.

rednose93 @ 2 years ago

bro, i cant register gosucup