sAviOr back in CJ Entus A team

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 23 July 2008 14:30

After 19 days in the B team, sAviOr is back on the A team in CJ Entus.
- It was the right time to put him back on the A team after considerations of many things, said the CJ coach.

On June 25th, the "Zerg Maestro" was demoted to the B team after showing a worse gameplay and a lack of mentality. Having a tough 2008, the CJ Entus coaches felt Savior would serve best in the B team for a while.
- I believe Savior has gained a lot by being with the B team. He will show a stronger gameplay and mentality in the upcoming individual leagues, and I am hoping this experience will help his career in the long run, said coach Cho to

Savior was said to be very shocked when he found out he was demoted to the B team, but dealt with with it well by practicing hard and helping his younger team mates.

Perhaps the World Wide Invitational sparked the former superstar, where he reached the winner bracket finals, by defeating Dreiven and Sea. But while there sAviOr lost to Stork, and then failed to advance through the losers bracket, in which he played Sea again, and lost.

Next on the agenda for sAviOr are the offline qualifiers for the individual leagues.

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