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Name Patrik Hellstrand
Location Sweden, PiteƄ
Date of birth 1986-09-09 (31 years old)
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l2k-Spec-Ops_X @ 36 weeks ago

Excited for SC:Remastered?

l2k-Spec-Ops_X @ 3 years ago

Spifo! Hey Raist =)

cYaN @ 4 years ago

I remembered my ggnet password. muahaha!

l2k-Spec-Ops_X @ 4 years ago


mineski1989 @ 5 years ago

Hi sir i message you.

quistis03 @ 5 years ago

Wara_ka got his prize already but he only won last month. I won last July but still I don't have the prize? Any explanation on this thing?

Kusel @ 5 years ago

Hello Raistlin! i hope your doing well :)

wara_ka @ 5 years ago

hi sir i already received my prize thank you very much!!!
and also tnx to gigabyte gosugamers and also gg.net crew

wara_ka @ 5 years ago

hi sir plss confirm if you already read my message!!


wara_ka @ 5 years ago

sir where i gonna put my shipping info???