IdrA: 'I have the determination and stamina'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 07 May 2008 11:20

Greg "IdrA" Fields is playing for eSTRO in Korea. Making it as a foreigner in a Korean progaming team is not easy, but the American says that he has the determination and stamina to make it.

Joining eSTRO, Greg "IdrA" Fields has swapped his daily American life in being a B-player in the Korean team. Apart from playing eight hours a day, he also scrubs the floors, the bathroom and folds the laundry, which are the every-day chores as a B player. But the toughest change for him is the massive amount of playing.

IdrA's schedule

10:00 - Scrub the floors, taking care of the house
11:00 - Eat breakfast, relax and taking a shower
12:00 - Practice
16:00 - Lunch
16:40 - Exercise
17:40 - Practice
21:00 - Dinner
21:30 - Practice
00:00 - Free-time
02:00 - Sleep
- Just playing all day constantly is hard because outside of Korea there is nothing like that, it takes some getting used to, he says. He also says some part of the exercise they do is hard, like running up and down on the mountain.

IdrA reveals that his APM is already much higher than before. IdrA also talks about that he has it tougher than the old foreigners like Grrrr and ElkY, and how he is adjusting.

IdrA has his first tournament this weekend, playing in the Courage tournament, an event fully packed with amateurs trying to gain fame and a professional contract.

Links - See the video interview with IdrA


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