LGD Forever Young secure the top seed of Group B at The International 2017

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 05 August 2017 05:28

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As we draw closer to the end of The International 2017 group stage, the main event playoffs seeding starts to take shape.

With one day still to go in the group stage, LGD Forever Young have already secured the top place of group B. Undefeated until today, LFY kept their winning streak intact up to the point where they knew that nobody could challenge their 1st place anymore. Their last series of day 3 was against Digital Chaos, and after they won the first game, which was the one that brought them the top seed, LFY indulged themselves with a last pick Pudge and suffered the first defeat in 14 games.

OG and Invictus Gaming tied for 4th place

OG were clearly one of the favorites to finish top four in the group stage, however, they are now in a tough position. After three days, in which they dropped one game to Digital Chaos, one to Newbee and today they scored only a draw score vs Invictus Gaming, the four times Major champions will have to toughen up for tomorrow’s last two series. A bottom four finish in the group stage means a lower bracket start in the main event, and for things to be even scarier, the first round in the lower bracket is a best-of-one affair. To avoid all these, OG will have to win 2-0 their series against Execration from tomorrow and do their best to also take down LFY.

TI 7 tiebreaker rules:

- If there is a tie along the upper and lower bracket divider or between the lower bracket and elimination divider, more games will be played

For other games the following will be used:
1. Compare the matchup history of the tied teams
2. Compare their wins vs the seed right below them. Repeat until resolved
3. Coin toss

There is still hope for Cloud 9

The first three days in the group stage were nothing but disastrous for Cloud 9. Apart from a 1-1 against Virtus.Pro on day 2, they lost all the other matchups. Day 3 began with a demoralizing loss against Invictus Gaming and before the very last series of the day 3, they were tied with HellRaisers on the last spot in the group. Cloud 9 vs Execration was the very last matchup of group B and it began with a loss for the NA team. Game two went up to 74 minutes, but it finally brought the second point for Envy and co. It’s only one point that keeps Cloud 9 ahead of HellRaises right now, and both teams are left with two series left to be played on the last day of the group stage. For maximum suspense effect, Cloud 9 and HellRaisers are in fact, facing each other out in the closing series of day 4.

Group B standings after day 3

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