Official: fnatic drops DotA squad

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 08 January 2010 18:22

What was said earlier and dampened down moments later has now come up to the surface: fnatic is parting with its DotA squad.

As » GosuGamers reported earlier, team skipper kwoM and his men are leaving fnatic. This was made official today in a statement by Elroy Pinto, General Manager of Fnatic.

- As for DOTA and FnaticMSI, it seems like we never gel properly. We will keep our options open and not completely pull out of DOTA for now. Maybe in time something will come up, explained the General Manager.

- It's been coming for a while but we needed to officially release them. We would like to thank the team known as The Last Try for their time and energy spent in FnaticMSI, said Pinto.

- We had some disagreements but thankfully at the end we can part on a pleasant note, said Pinto.

The players teamed up with fnatic in July 2009, back then playing under the name The Last Try. With Edvin "kwoM" Börjesson with the leader flag, he had a five-man-roster to choose from: Aidar, Loda, Twisted, MiSery and Kebap.

As the months went by, we saw changes in the European top clan. Rasmus "MiseRy-" Filipsen, Edvin "KwoM" Börjesson, Jonathan "Loda" Berg, Andreas "Donald-Duck" Søgaard and Jesper "Miracle" Nyhlén were in the end the last roster we saw fnatic use.

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