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*Sweden vs Romania


Rank: #58 (1,000 pts)

Country: Sweden Sweden


60 % 40
30829 20553
163 bets 95


Rank: #53 (1,000 pts)

Country: Romania Romania



Amount of bets: 258 ( 51,381)
Event: » European Nations Championship
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 30, 2009 at 20:00
Posted by: Sn4k3y-

Match description

Quoting Romania MoD
Romania vs. Sweden
This is it! This is where we fight!... and on the contrary of what Leonidas said in the movie 300: This is where we win! We're fully dedicated to the ENC and we want to win all matches in our group so that the small efforts of Sweden allowing Denmark to win will go unnoticed. It's time for Romania to shine!

Bring it on!

Lineup Romania:

Romania Hyperion
Romania Ro-Coco
Romania S0ny
Romania Uganda
Romania ppasarel

Comments (Closed)

RomaniaGoosty 7 years, 34 weeks ago
If Romania will win this they can take down everyone.
All in Romania (soon as I get some tangos). Good luck guys!
Bulgariaeckata 7 years, 34 weeks ago
All in Romania
RomaniaSirNeo 7 years, 34 weeks ago
Forzza Romania
Romaniacwx 7 years, 34 weeks ago
Can't see swe rising their game lvl up to Romania's.
I hope Ly0n plays so we get another free win ) ) )
GL SWE u need it .
SwedenTykor 7 years, 34 weeks ago
#4 Roflmao

I am sure we need it..........................NAAAAAAAAAT
RomaniaVayu 7 years, 34 weeks ago
Sweden lost the game against Denmark. Romania dominated Denmark. Does this mean Romania will absolutely rape Sweden? We will see.

I hope Miracle will play. santa.gif
Romaniarepresor 7 years, 34 weeks ago
all in for Romania cool.gif
SwedenCoojo 7 years, 34 weeks ago
romanians dont get ur hopes up, sweden will dominate
Romaniatano 7 years, 33 weeks ago

If they play the same game they've put together against Denmark it's an easy win for Romania, dude!
RomaniaSirNeo 7 years, 33 weeks ago
SwedenCoojo 7 years, 33 weeks ago
#9 as long as Loda plays carry its over :) he played axe vs denmark, wich is far from his best hero...
Pakistanmaaz139 7 years, 33 weeks ago
Moldova, Republic ofSecrTive 7 years, 33 weeks ago
go sweden free win sky.gif
Romaniacwx 7 years, 33 weeks ago
swe could win 1 out of 10 games against romania
Romaniamaniakalu 7 years, 33 weeks ago
go go go Romania !!! we got this !
moldovean prost
EuropeCookiemonster 7 years, 33 weeks ago
Lol 10 Romanians & 2 Swedish comment so far....
Maybe I go for Sweden though...
MalaysiaRsB.Psycho 7 years, 33 weeks ago
Romaniattrickster 7 years, 33 weeks ago
geez u guys loda said in the gosubet comments that he intentionally let denmark win so that they could be 1st runner-ups of the group.

it will be a close game that's for sure...

gogo Sond ^^.gif

but gogo ly0n, ppasarel & s0ny

Future bans from SWE: POTM (s0ny), Slardar (Ly0n), Broodmother (ppasarel) and Enigma (ppasarel)

=> which leaves heroes like necro, undying, krob, cm and tinker in the hero pool TT.gif => SWE looses sad.gif

Luv Loda :* :* >:D< :x
BrazilCebolinhah 7 years, 33 weeks ago
Expecting a nice game by loda and miracle cos theyr last performace as swe was pretty bad. Lets see how much they learnd with that mistake. Gl
Francedlieu 7 years, 33 weeks ago
All in sweden

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