Warrior and mage changes among beta changes

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 05 September 2012 13:15
Mists of Pandaria is coming ever closer and Blizzard continues to tweak numbers and balance classes.
Blizzard’s forum posters got to work, discussing some of the recent changes to the MoP beta test. Several classes were under the microscope, but Warriors and Mages received the most scrutiny. Rage generation was changed quite a lot, with auto attacks, Revenge and Shield Slam all getting an increase. Meanwhile, on the less offensive front, defensive stance got a 10% increase in damage reduction while Unwavering Sentinel got a massive armor increase – from 10 to 25%.

The Mage changes were a little more complicated, with some technical fixes to a few spells and mechanics:

- Fireball, Pyroblast, and Frostfire Bolt (which was bugged until recently) have a cap on their effective travel time.
- Their effects will take place after a maximum of 0.75 sec.
- The fireball visual will still travel at the same speed, but you’ll see the damage number pop up and get the Heating Up proc after 0.75 sec, even though the fireball visual is still traveling through the air.
- We normally prefer the game to feel more visceral, by tightly syncing visuals to effects, but this change felt worth the gameplay benefit to us. In a future patch, we may be able to hasten the visual to match.
- If you have Heating Up, and get a non-crit, then Heating Up gets removed, as expected.
- However, if the non-crit came from a spell with a travel time, or from Scorch (which is supposed to be able to replace Fireball rotationally while moving), then we delay the removal of Heating Up by 0.25 sec.

Druids and Shamans also got a couple of small changes, but Deathknights are up next according to Blizzard. “we don't think DKs and monks needed additional nerfs,” wrote one blue poster, eluding to trying to balance them with Paladins.

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