Mists of Pandaria beta keys contest - The winners

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 11 July 2012 19:19
GosuGamers can present the winners of the Mists of Pandaria beta key contests!

Social media (50 keys)
226 of you commented on this photo on our Facebook page. We were thrilled to see that so many took their time to share it on your Facebook timeline, but unfortunately we could only give away 50.

World of WarCraft meme contest (25 keys)
Our meme contest where you could win a key by giving us your favourite World of WarCraft meme or publish your own resulted in some pretty hilarious entries. Congratulations to the 25 winners.

Quiz: World of WarCraft Lore (25 keys)
Last but not least, we asked for the correct answers to ten lore questions on the WarCraft universe. These were the correct answers:

Who is Garrosh's father?
Grom Hellscream

What other name did the original Lich King have?

Who was Medivh's apprentice?

What human commander's treatment of Kael'thas led to the Blood Elves's defection from the Alliance?

Whos is Jaina's father?
Admiral Daelin Proudmoore

Who was the first and original Death Knight?
Teron Gorefiend

Who are the four elemental lords?
Al'Akir, Ragnaros, Neptulon and Therazane

How many children did Gruul have?

Who is the King of the vrykul?
King Ymiron

What is the name of Arthas's two lieutenants?
Marwyn and Falric.
The winners
Amogh  Bhatawdekar, Antonio  Gauta, Andre  Du Toit, Dmitriy Voloshin, Simon Marcoux, David v.d Merwe, Ivan Vojnovic, Franck Delabot, Владислав  Соловей, Vadim  Bosakov, Herminie  Goudeau, Alex  Talbott, Thibaut  Perrot, Andrew  McDonald,  Lucy  Jackson, Jakub  Ignaciuk, David  Jean, Alexander  Thuestad, Danny  Kogan, Chris Boyle, Emil  Kjellberg, Daniel P. Lazar, Jack  Thompson, Blagoj  Miloshevski, Faris  Donnellan, Janosi Rudy, Logan Coons, Fabian Souza, Mixalis Lanis, Leandro Ortiz, Wan-Fay Suen, Mikael Larsson, David Thomas, Niklas Ekström , Htay Muang Muang, Taras Baloban, Gary Dolorfino, Owen Monahan, Isa Tairi, Romain Derie, Ryszard Dziaćko, Kian Spanggaard, Alex Belyakov, Barbara Vico, Michael Joyce, Florian Demling, Evgeni Ershov, Veselin Ivanov, Brian Ault, Liang Zhang, Miclea Claudiu, Maria Raducanu, Andrei Comsulea, Luis Osorio, Aaron Stiffe, Serena Knopper, Chadd Gungon, Miguel Pereira, Ee Erie, Thibaut Perrot, Danny Skinner, Alex Talbott, Feng Chao, Muhammed Fouad, Cyril Lombardo, Dmitriy Alekseyev, Ryan Faulder, Goja Alex, Andrei Cherechesu, Mik Zarlang, Kristoffer Holm, Agustin Rodriguez, Ahmet Koc, Ravi Mantena, Chaarya Jayasinghe, Bror Thulesen Dahl, Andrew Spray, Martin Göransson, Michael Schäfer, Sama Elayan, Michael McLellan, Paulo Lima, Andrea Tucker, Andrew McDonald, Danny Skinner, George Orbell, Ruize Zou, Dirk Spaans, Chadd Gunton, Océane Billot, Martin  Hrdlovič, Joonas Riivari, Maria Raducanu, Dali Szilard, Coen Hup, Kristoffer Holm, Christian Romo, Ali Hamada, Allesandro Bellini, Conor Scullion.


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