Premier League resumes today

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 06 June 2012 13:27
After a mid-season week long break of sorts, the second season of The Premier League is set to kick off playweek 7 today.

It is a clash of the table toppers as Na`Vi take on CLG at 18:00 CET. Both teams sit comfortably at the pinnacle of the table with 6 wins from 6. The current head to head record is 3-1 in favor of Na`Vi, with CLG snatching their only win 15 days ago in the Star Series. Is Na`Vi over their supposed "Diablo 3" induced slump and back to their best?

TPL Playweek 7
TeamvsTeamDate and Time (CET)
Ukraine Na`VivsSweden CLG6/6 18:00
Russia VPvsDenmark Wolves7/6 18:00
Germany mouzvsSweden Infused8/6 18:00
United States coLvsEurope Fnatic9/6 17:00
Ukraine DarervsRussia M510/6 17:00


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