The Defense: mouz vs WW preview

Posted by Bruno "AWRNSS" Justo at 22 February 2012 17:30

The Defense finally got to the playoffs and we already saw some of the first matches. WW vs mouz will be the last game of this first round and we decided to get into it with some analysis and a prediction.

After months of competition that included the finest European teams in the world with some Asian sparks, The Defense is reaching the end of a successful run. The Internatioal mix team of Mousesports will fight the Wolves from France to stay in the event. Whoever wins will meet the recently added Quantic Gaming in the second round while the loser goes home after two group-stages. It's time to see some blood spread gentlemen!

Both teams struggled to reach this stage but they are currently performing way better than in the group-stages. In fact, both of them are achieved while The Defense was waiting for other games to conclude.

The boys from France had their breakout performance in Infused Cup where they took down Darer (formerly M5), CLG and GoSu among others, to achieve a fourth place. Their last official big game was against NEXT in DRB's fourth and last qualifier which didn't go their way since the Kazaks took advantage of two big mistakes they committed. They had time to fix these mistakes, but Dhany's departure during the last week caused a wound that did not heal in time.

Statement about the match by Sockshka, ganker of Western Wolves:
I would like to start with my apologies to all those who were waiting for this game. As you may know, one of our players [referring to Dhany, editors note] decided to leave the team one week ago and we had to ask for a postpone.

Tonight we will play with a stand in: Leaf, who I wanna thank a lot for accepting to help us with The Defense, after practicing with us all week. I also want to thank Holymaster [joinDota's main organizer] and all mouz players for accepting to postpone the match and allow us to play with a stand-in.

About our opponents: They are in a pretty nice shape and played pretty well in the last couple of weeks but we are still confident tonight and, as always, we will do our best. I'm really looking forward for this best of 3 which will, for sure, be tight. I believe that WW will win two games to one.

On the other hand, the former HoN players have working hard to adapt SexyBamboe's playstyle to their game and concurrently implementing a new strategy surrounding Queen of Pain and Tiny who give their game a more aggressive touch. They seem to be stronger than ever at the moment as they were able to win the third DRB qualifier where they defeated teams that were considered stronger than them. Neither QC, CLG or NEXT managed to handle them. They lost to the unstoppable coL in the playoffs but may get their revenge upon defeating aL.

Statement about tonight's match by PaisY, manager of mouz:
After we slightly struggled in second groupstage, we managed to secure us the playoff spot with our last match and beat FnaticRC convincingly. We had a rough time after Kiev and stuck in some kind of slump the weeks after, including roster-changes. Nevertheless, we worked and practice hard the last time and showed what we are capable of. We are in a very good shape and well prepared. I am confident to take home the victory tonight. Since the match will be all or nothing for both teams, we can expect an action packed and thrilling match. I believe that mouz will win two games to one.

With this we can conclude, that the momentum is slightly in mouz' favor. They've been involved in a big competence while WW only played games of a smaller caliber in JeeSports. They also worked-out their new addition while WW is trying to fill the whole that Dhany left.

The draft will be vital for both teams, but WW should have the upper-hand. Their line-up can adapt to a lot of heroes, especially if Funzii gets to play Mirana and Phoenix a good supporter. Mouz have a lot of potential with Bamboe's QoP but their exposure made WW aware of their gamplay. If WW drafts smartly they may have an edge to fight this. We are looking at you 7kingMad!

So... there is no safe bet in this match-up but the balance, as well as the GosuBet percentage, dips in favor of mouz. The games should be action-packed since both teams aren't using hard carry heroes (look-out for Tiny or Pudge; we may see them picked!). In my opinion mouz should win two-to-nothing in exciting, close games but I have a hunch that WW will surprise us. The second game will mean a lot for them since they will have the chance to adapt at each other's playstyle (a skill that coL masters). Anyways, mouz remains as the best candidate. The French team will have to play as hard as in the Infused Cup to take this one.

My prediction: Europe mouz 2:1 WW France

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