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DTS (old) vs MUFC

DTS (old)

Rank: -

Country: Russia Russia

Clan: DTS.Chatrix

76 % 24
80652 25470
283 bets 205


Rank: #13 (1,241 pts)

Country: Malaysia Malaysia

Clan: eClub


Amount of bets: 488 ( 106,121)
Event: » World DotA Championship 2010
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: November 11, 2010 at 08:30
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description

World DotA Championship - Wuhan, China China

Group C

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Comments (Closed)

PeruSlay_R 7 years, 15 weeks ago
epic game upcoming.
United Kingdomrsa 7 years, 15 weeks ago
aeon.mufc so overrated. if they last more than 40 mins i'll be impressed.
MalaysiaSirPoKDe 7 years, 15 weeks ago
In Silvercroos me believe!!
GOGOGO MUFC!! santa.gif
Czech RepublicBooncz 7 years, 15 weeks ago
#2 do not be so optimistic, look at AEONs ADC results.
It's still hard game for DTS but I believe they can manage it...
Denmarkdreyd 7 years, 15 weeks ago
Dts will win this. how to prepare agianst DTS - those strats they got are just unpredictable.
BrazilExalon 7 years, 15 weeks ago
after beating EHOME, AEON cant be a problem to DTS
Ukraine1nF 7 years, 15 weeks ago
#6 You never know... Anyway, go DTS! In DTS we trust.
MalaysiaMVP-XELIS 7 years, 15 weeks ago
lol 7 years, 15 weeks ago

no.1 team in the world . manyhappy.gif

DTStyle :)

ALL IN !!...go DTS...artstyle.


SingaporeStrangeProgram 7 years, 15 weeks ago
So many matches at the same time :O
RomaniaIlive4HipHop 7 years, 15 weeks ago
The playing hours are just imposible:( . 4-5 AM
Lebanonwill 7 years, 15 weeks ago
You should never understimate your opponent and when it come to a team like AEON with WINTER SHARKY and SILVERCROSS you should be at your max level otherwise you loose wink.gifwink.gifwink.gif
MalaysiaEaCAN 7 years, 15 weeks ago
This is an interesting match..gonna watch this!!! wink.gif
Brazilsuffohemp 7 years, 15 weeks ago
looks like easy tangos to me...
SingaporeChiPsMore 7 years, 15 weeks ago
AEON still have a chance at this.. Maybe they going for a "secret" strat!!
Philippinesgoodbyepatrash 7 years, 15 weeks ago
dts fighting! manyhappy.gif
ChinaCloseToPerfect 7 years, 15 weeks ago
#6 y not? dts beat mym but they lost to in eswc
PhilippinesJoriz917 7 years, 15 weeks ago
Aeon has a chance in winning this game..
United StatesAzarkon 7 years, 15 weeks ago
V1lat said they have a special strat prepared for the "Malaysian boys."

Let's see whether it works as well as it did against Ehome.

In terms of consequences, DTS going 0-1 against MUFC would put them at the risk of having a three-way tie, if MUFC loses to Ehome and all three teams beat the Uni team.
Philippineskobe_24 7 years, 15 weeks ago
My bet: 172 on DTS.
With these percentages, you may win: 242.
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