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Rank: -

Country: Malaysia Malaysia


48 % 52
94122 101965
534 bets 559


Rank: -

Country: Singapore Singapore

Clan: Meet Your Makers


Amount of bets: 1,093 ( 196,086)
Event: » Razer Global Challenge
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: October 25, 2010 at 17:30
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description

Playoffs - quarter final


MYM is in the lead with 1-0

Comments (Closed)

GermanyGOSUCREW 7 years, 23 weeks ago
epic match
all in! mushi + yamateh >>> mym
Malaysiakimagoro 7 years, 23 weeks ago
all in
mushi please pawn them
MalaysiaMVP-XELIS 7 years, 23 weeks ago
Czech RepublicBrainlessPinoy 7 years, 23 weeks ago
nv my!! it safer to bet on asian robots
DenmarkDinozavre 7 years, 22 weeks ago in great shape.
DenmarkFormanden 7 years, 22 weeks ago
uhh this is gonna be fun 2 watch
Swedenchewy 7 years, 22 weeks ago
MYM gonna win this, I hope.
Philippineszhunyen 7 years, 22 weeks ago
wow yamateh my Idol.. gl to you guys^^ all in
Singaporedeathbybubbles 7 years, 22 weeks ago
Ive been supporting MYM since the very beginning. And i will not back down now, just to some top class asian team. sad.gif
Indiazedisbug 7 years, 22 weeks ago
rr coming soon...................epic teams gonna battle it out and both have equal chances :D
China34lC1 7 years, 22 weeks ago
walk in the park for nv if fair ping if not anything can happen
Germanybrasi 7 years, 22 weeks ago
easy win for Lacoste and co!
gogo, show them the power of european internet tounge.gif
Australiaherpies101 7 years, 22 weeks ago
every1 should go for mym i got a tip bout a new strat to win n i have bet all in on em so cmon guys support the under dogs of dota
Iran, Islamic Republic ofNaFFyX-UHR 7 years, 22 weeks ago
Same latency = EZ win for
Denmarkkikzen 7 years, 22 weeks ago
As we saw beat the mighty EHOME i can't seem to think MYM will come out of this match as winners if the pings are even.

I sure hope to be mistaken! GO MYM!
Philippinesidolnochi 7 years, 22 weeks ago they are in great shape.. rape incoming..
GermanyGOSUCREW 7 years, 22 weeks ago
at the moment mym is better than ehome, and any top asian team
So I'm betting on mym
Australiacran593 7 years, 22 weeks ago
Whats the deal with MYM and A!? Is A! just a project team or is MYM thinking of disbanding? I wish gosugamers were better with their news to keep people up to date because i only found out about team A! today despite the fact that they have some of the best players in the world...
Philippinesmimi354 7 years, 22 weeks ago
go mushi! my tangoes! is in you! make me rich tounge.gif
IndonesiaSwiTcH- 7 years, 22 weeks ago
My bet: 182 on MYM.
With these percentages, you may win: 459.
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