6.74 impressions

shostakovich @ 10th March 2012 06:12 (Read 16,159 times).
My take on what I think is relevant for competitive Dota in the released patch:

- Flame Break is now a targeted AoE spell

This change is quite huge. In DotA terms, Batrider is now even stronger than before. In Dota 2 terms, he's slowly but surely becoming stronger and worth to be picked.

- Power Cogs HP/Mana drain increased from 55/70/85/100 to 60/90/120/150

With the addition of the third ban, CW will get a lot of action on Dota 2 - actually, coL is already using this hero a lot. This small buff is just a reminder that we'll be seeing him a lot in the next months.

Dark Seer
- Wall of Replica illusions take 300% damage (up from 250%)
- Wall of Replica Aghanim bonus no longer creates allied illusions
- Wall of Replica Aghanim bonus now increases illusion damage from 70/80/90 to 100/120/140% instead

In terms of damage, I believe everything is the same. However, you have now less illusions to work with, making precise play and positioning even more important. It's harder to play Dark Seer now. But he's still very strong and the best turtler around.

- Black hole now prevents heroes being Forced out with Force Staff

It's a small detail that makes Enigma even stronger. I guess it makes sense not being able to run away from a Black Hole. If light can't escape, why would you?

- Chaos Meteor damage increased from 80+Exort*30 to 80+Exort*35
- Chaos Meteor land time decreased from 1.5 to 1.3
- EMP can no longer hit Invulnerable/Tornadoed units
- EMP cooldown increased from 25 to 30 seconds
- Sun Strike damage type changed from Magical to Pure
- Sun Strike now reveals the area it will hit before the damage impact
- Tornado cooldown increased from 25 to 30 seconds
- Tornado Damage decreased from 77.5+(Wex+Quas)*23 to 70+(Wex+Quas)*20

Tornado/EMP build is slightly nerfed, while Exort builds gained incentive with the buffs on Chaos Meteor and Sun Strike. But Invoker can still reach obscene movespeed, which doesn't makes sense to me.

- Heartstopper damage increased from 0.5/0.7/0.9/1.1 to 0.6/0.8/1/1.2
- Sadist level 4 mana regen increased from 48 to 60

More buffs to Necrolyte. Another hero that will get a lot of action due to the addition of the third ban.

Ogre Magi
- Added Aghanim's Scepter. Gives his other head the ability to cast a more primitive version of Fireblast. It has a constant (not modified by ultimate/level) 275 damage, 1.5 second stun, 20 cooldown, 400 manacost. It can trigger multicast. This is an independent 5th skill added to his ability card.

In The International 2 finals, a dark horse will wipe the favorites by multicasting the supports to death. The Ogre Magi player will then type "LOLOLOLOLOL", and a big drama will ensue. You heard it here first. But, jokes apart, it's a nice change, but it's still very hard to get to this point with Ogre Magi. He's still difficult to lane. Time will tell.

Faerie Dragon
- Ethereal Jaunt now dodges projectiles
- Phase Shift autocast removed
- Phase Shift manacost removed
- Phase Shift level 4 duration increased from 3 to 3.25 seconds
- Aghanim Upgraded Dream Coil no longer increases the manacost from the base spell

Similar to Dark Seer changes. Icefrog plans to estabilish the difference between the good Puck player and the great Puck player.

- Decrepify cast range increased from 550/600/650/700 to 700
- Life Drain damage increased from 100/150/200 to 120/160/200 (with Aghanim's from 175/225/275 to 180/240/300)

Pugna is already a great option to run a solo mid hero that can dominate the lane, farm a quick Mekanism and join the push. The small buffs just makes his argument a little stronger. Another hero that will find a lot of action in the near future.

Shadow Fiend
- Necromastery now gives 6 souls for killing a hero (instead of 1)
- Necromastery soul count increased from 8/16/24/32 to 12/20/28/36

A hero possess six souls. Oh boy, that could lead to a big metaphysical discussion. Philosophy apart, Shadow Fiend is getting even more buffs. The first buff isn't important at all, doesn't help Shadow Fiend. But the second one makes Requiem of Souls even stronger: Each soul stored create one damaging line, and each line deals 80/120/160 dmg. With 36 creeps, that leaves us with a maximum of 1440/2160/2880 damage. Now, even bad placed Requiem of Souls will hurt a lot.

- Morph passively grants 3/4/5/6 agility and strength
- Wave Form now properly dodges projectiles

Just like in the last patch, Morphling is receiving buffs. We might see his return in the next months.

Animal Courier
- Courier cost decreased from 170 to 150

More items for the support at the beginning of the game.

- Added Wisp, Disruptor and Rubick to CM

This is the biggest change in this version, and will change a lot of things in the competitive scene.

Disruptor has a very strong case as a solo hero: He possess a strong nuke and is lethal at teamfights with Kinetic Field and Static Storm. His needs for experience makes him a solo, but he can be played as a support (just like Na'Vi did in the last MYM Nations on Dota 1).

Wisp adds another hero with a global element to the game. He'll support and empower several heroes, like Ursa Warrior for example. Io will be played as a support hero.

Rubick is also a solid hero to solo that benefits from having a lot of levels early in the game. His nuke is very strong, he has a decent stun, his passive grants extra magic resistance to his entire team (assuming they're close to him) and he can steal the enemy skill.

All the three heroes are pick material. Io especially will bring strategies based on global presence back to the game.

For someone who said that the next patch would be a small balance patch, Icefrog just changed how the competitive matches will work. And that's why I love him.