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bunKniGTH @ 12th February 2012 20:05 (Read 13,460 times).
I don't know why but a big amount of the dota/dota2 community in here are very trendy. They follow trends of how top notch players build their heroes, how they pick and even more funny what they say. They totally don't think of things themselves.

1. They will 100% 1st ban am, brood, invoker, chen, prophet and some other popular bans. I know this is actually good bans. But really they don't think about the opposition who actually planned on picking totally different strat than current metagame.

2. Metagame is this so they follow this. If other team picks weird heroes and goes weird strat, they flip and flame if the team loses and if the other team wins they will say shit and flame. Honestly i don't get this.

3. Item builds on heroes are SO FIXED. When pro players buy vanguard for AM they have good reasons. If they get battlefury i think it's also a good choice. Everything is situational as i always say. But once they see some popular build they will follow it till the pro changes build. If not they will make up stupid arguements like "This 'pro' did this so it's better". That is not a good arguement my fellow gosugamers.

4. The teams who are not at the TOP of the list are always the underdogs and if they lose, they get flamed so bad like they are shit and what not. They might have just started the game and are trying things out. Sometimes lag occurs if it's an asian team versus a european/ western team and they are flamed for having weak connection.

There is so much i want to say. I hope we can have a proper discussion about these people in the community. I played a games where i went for weird builds and win but still got flamed because it was not 'standard' and not used by pros....

This is just my opinion so i hope no super flaming.