DotA Mythbusters-16

BrknSword @ 12th February 2012 17:46 (Read 13,891 times).
DotA Mythbusters is one of the main projects from Pixel Laboratories. As you can see they will be busting myths and proving facts from the DotA game. Every week there will be a new episode. Feedback is appreciated and you can submit a myth that you would like them to test, you will be referenced for every good myth.

Also They have improved the 'Submit Your Myths' page a bit. Now it's easier to find hero & item names. Check out and give them some feedback! ~

This week they uploaded their 16th Episode of Mythbusters.Check it out.

You can submit your myths via website: 'Submit Your Myth'
or via 'Submit Your Myth'

You can follow them on:

Facebook page -

Twitter -!/LabsPixel

Hope you will Enjoy it.