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Riot Games complete library is heading to Xbox Game Pass

Games like VALORANT, League of Legends and Wildrift will see major content unlocked for PC & mobile players from day one.
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philippines gold medal sea games wild rift

31st SEA Games: Team Philippines bathes in gold after beating Singapore in the grand finals

In a thrilling third and final game, the Philippines edges out Singapore to take the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games for Wild Rift (Women).
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wild rift womens sea games thailand vietnam

31st SEA Games: Thailand seals the bronze medal after a thrilling 3-1 victory against Team Vietnam

Try as they might, the host nation could not keep up with Team Thailand as they cruised to a 3-1 win to get the bronze medal.
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singapore vietnam 31 sea games

31st SEA Games: Team Singapore sweeps host nation Vietnam to make it to the grand final

Singapore secures an important 3-0 sweep against Team Vietnam to make their way to the grand finals of the Wild Rift (Women) medal category.
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31 sea games philippines thailand

31st SEA Games: Team Philippines books a top-two finish at the Wild Rift (Women) event

An emphatic victory against Team Thailand saw the Philippines take the best-of-five series 3-1 and secure themselves at the very least, a silver medal.
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sea games wild rift women philippines vietnam

31st SEA Games: Team Philippines tops the table after day 1 for Wild Rift (Women)

The Philippines go undefeated on the first day of the Wild Rift (Women) medal event, beating out crowd favourites Vietnam in a thrilling match earlier today.
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team philippines wild rift womens 31 sea games

31st SEA Games: Team Philippines leads the Wild Rift (Women) medal category

The halfway mark sees Team Philippines take the lead in the group stage games for the Wild Rift (Women) medal category at the 31st SEA Games.
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31st SEA Games Predict the Champions

Predict the Champions at 31st SEA Games to win exciting prizes

With 31st Southeast Asia Games unfolding in Hanoi, Vietnam, we are happy to announce an exclusive contest for our GosuGamers community members!
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Vietnam SEA Games winners

Vietnam are champions of Wild Rift at the 31st SEA Games

After three gruelling days of action, the 31st SEA Games Wild Rift Men’s Tournament has found its champion as Vietnam are victorious.
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Team Flash Vietnam SEA Games

Vietnam storm ahead in Wild Rift at the 31st SEA Games

With the 31st iteration of the Southeast Asia Games underway, the Wild Rift teams are lining up to make their regions proud.
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