ReiGn claims 1st place, three Undead in top 4

WarCraft 3 “wiz”
It was a definetelty a good day in NGL for Korea Seo Woo 'ReiGn' Kang. The Korean undead player played smoothly versus Ukraine Mykhaylo 'HoT' Novopashyn and Russia Yuri 'Sting' Sheremetov. When facing the Ukrainian Night Elf player, Korea ReiGn only had some troubles in the early part of the 1st game on Ancient Isles, where the Night Elf was the one having advantage. But in the later stage of the game, he took it smoothly. Second game on Turtle Rock from the very beginning showed that Korean feels more comfortable and Korea ReiGn benefits from his pushing and agressive play with a full map control. That grants him 2:0 win over Ukraine HoT.

The confidence of the Korean Undead killer is more visible in his match against the Russian orc player - Russia Sting. In the first game despite some pretty good harass from Sting's Blademaster, Korea ReiGn pushes without any major problems and with help from Blight and towers in Sting's base, earns his first point. The second game which took place on Twisted Meadows seemed to be easier for ReiGn as Sting's tactic to go for the Wyverns got him in a deadlock, and the second '2:0' victory goes on ReiGn's account.

The third match from today, between Night Elf Sweden Daniel 'LiiLD.C' Claesson and Human player France Yoan 'ToD' Merlo came out as one can say - surprised. LiiLD.C in both games, and especially in the second one on Echo Isles got the upper hand. Korea surely not reflecting in ToD's skills lately, as points from 2:0 go to LiiLD.C.

The current top5 of the NGL is divided between Korea and China with an addition of Netherlands Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen taking the last position from the very top5. Hero from today, Korea ReiGn, sits solid on the 1st position with two Chinese - China TeD and China Sky from China World Elite are behind him. The fourth position is another Undead - Korean well-known Korea FoV. What's most interesting is the Undead domination in the NGL. Three Undead in the top4 in any event or league would be definetely something to joke about not so long ago.

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