International eSports Festival 2007

WarCraft 3 Rasmus “carnifex” Frost

The International eSports Festival 2007 will cover three disciplines this year. Some of the best StarCraft, WarCraft 3 and CounterStrike players worldwide will fight for their country's honor and the grand prize until Sunday.

IEF 2007 StarCraft
China Pj
Korea iloveoov
China Lx
Korea Bisu[Shield]
China MYM.F91
Korea sAviOr[gm]
China Super
Korea [ReD]NaDa
China Zk
Korea By.Jimin
China Beckham
Korea NsP_Blaze
China Fengzi
Korea Sword[fOu]
China XuXu
Korea ???
Both, the StarCraft and WarCraft tournaments are going to be very interesting as there are some of the world's best players participating. For example in StarCraft there is 'The Meastro' and BlizzCon champion sAviOr, MSL champions Bisu and NaDa and 'Monster Terran' iloveoov. In WarCraft 3 the well known players WE.Sky from China, BeT.FoV or SK.Lyn are participating, just to name few.

The prizes for StarCraft are totaled at $30.000 and for WarCraft 3 as well as CounterStrike a total of $20.000. In SC the first place winner takes home overall about $14.000, in WC3 the winner still gets $10.000.

IEF 2007 WarCraft 3
China WE.Sky
Korea BeT.FoV
China WE.infi
Korea BeT.Jini
China WE.Keda
Korea SK.Lyn
China mouz.Fly100%
Korea eStro.GoStop
China wNv.xiaOt
Korea WE.ReiGn
China wNv.Sai
Korea FarSeer
China Tiger
Korea a.1st_guardian
China TR.Ace
Korea wNv.Soccer
Poland SPQR.Crom
In WarCraft 3 the favorites for a top ranking seem to be Sky, FoV, Lyn and ReiGn, while others like Fly100%, Soccer or GoStop and some more will have some chances to surprise.
In StarCraft it might be quite clear who will get a top rank, since sAviOr and Bisu are quite dominating. NaDa and iloveoov might have good chances as well, while the Chinese players aren't counted on to be able to fight for the top ranks, although their superstars Pj and Lx are attending the tournament.