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It's was all a question of time a top team were to recruit him. Giacomo chose mouz even though he had some other offers. "I like the people at mouz", he said. This is a nice add-on for the next WC3L Season.

mouz.WC3 lineup

Germany BasH
Czech Republic Giacomo
Germany HasuObs
Australia Philbot
Germany PuN1sher
Korea Romeo
Sweden SaSe
United States Shortround
Germany Spell
ACT-Giacomo was one of the top European players that never really got to play in the WC3L, due to his team ACT not being in it. Giacomo did pretty good in Samsung European Championship, and also won the WarCraft 3 tournament at DreamHack Winter 2005. Quite recently he became the runner-up at PeonPower April Challenge, losing to the German n!Insolence in the final. And more challenges it will be, as he now joins the German-based WC3L team Mousesports.

Not satisfied with the recent results

Mousesports rebuilded their lineup October last year, and has since then brought in top Euroepan players such as SaSe, Shortround and now Giacomo. Giacomo has now made a deal with ACT, which makes him able to play for Mouz in WC3L.
473- I was not able to participate for another team in the WC3L, therefore I asked my manager in Cyberteam whether I could play for another team and he agreed, says the Czech Undead player. He as asked by Frogbender to join Mouz, and decided to join the team since he liked the people there. He had gotten other offers but Giacomo is now officially a mouz.

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