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WarCraft 3 Andreas “Karman” Karman

GosuGamers are very pleased to announce our first King of the Hill event. In the first edition one of the Four Kings, FuRy will play against DIDI8 from mTw in best of five maps. Don’t miss out this exciting Night-Elf vs. Undead-match!

Tomorrow on the 6th of September at 20:00 CET, Bulgaria mTw-DIDI8 will play against Sweden 4K.FuRy in a best of five match. The winner of the match will be crowned as our King of the Hill and will have to defend his position against a challenger in the next edition of this event.

CPL Runner up

Dimitar Georgiev Aleksandrov, also known as DIDI8 are with no doubts the best Bulgarian player and have had that title for a long time. He attended at CPL Summer 2005 in Texas where he lost to France ToD in the finals. He also won the inCup Summer Cup #3 in the Summer Season 2005 which means that he is qualified for a final with all the winners from the 10 tournaments. He have won big tournaments like Clickarena and he has attended at World Cyber Games and Electronic Sports World Cup several times. He is an important player for the Bulgarian national team and for his clan in WC3L, mTw.


Handpicked by Tillerman

Sebastian “FuRy” Pesic got himself in to the Battle.net Ladder Season II Grand Final where he lost to Korea WE.Remind. He has been ranked as one of the best Undead-players in the world for a long time and has attended in such big tournaments as Electronic Sports World Cup. He and his earlier 2v2 partner Sweden LaWn was handpicked to Four Kings by the legendary Tillerman. Last year he went to Korea with his team mates to play professional gaming for a couple of months. “I think my games vs. DIDI8 will be very even, I’d expect a 3-2 or 2-3 score. My biggest hope is that we will have a nice and fun series”, Sebastian says.

Follow the match and place your GosuBet!

The match will be available at WaaaghTV and you can also follow the match through an English shoutcast by United States Bunny. Replays from the match will of course also be available. Feanor of Gamer-FM will provide you with a Germany German Videostream. Don't forget to place a GosuBet on this match!

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