A video interview with June 'Lyn' Park in the limelight

WarCraft 3 Ghassen “maelstrom” Soussi
Dan 'Artosis' Stemkoski caught up with the latest WeMadeFOX recruit June 'Lyn' Park for an interview conducted during 12 minutes, in which the Korean fields a number of questions emanating from the community.

The emblematic figure of the WarCraft 3 scene talks about the atmosphere in the WMF house, detailing the practice schedule and the conviviality within the team, particularly with the StarCraft players.
The timetable in the WMF house seems to be well laid out as it's filled with several breaks between the training sessions, totalling about nine hours of practice a day.

When questioned about today's scene, the Orc star states that he doesn't consider himself among the Top 4 best players in the world at the moment and he points out that the Chinese players Weiliang 'Fly100%' Lu, Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li and Xuwen 'Infi' Wang together with the European icon Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuisen are the finest world-class players nowadays.

When his contract expires, 'Lyn' plans to accomplish the military service. Meanwhile, he will be aiming for podium rankings in every tournament he will attend in 2010. He also states that he is making provision for switching to Starcraft 2 later on.

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