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Valorant10 months agoTeh "GravityWillFall" Wi-Liam

Evil Geniuses and FUT Esports starts day two in perfect fashion with clean sweeps

Day 2 saw both Evil Geniuses and FUT Esports book their spots in the winner's match.

VCT Champions 2023 is now in full swing with both Evil Geniuses and FUT Esports making light work of their opening day matches against FunPlus Phoenix and T1 respectively. Day two was full of clean sweeps in Group B as both EG and FUT took down their opponents in 2-0 fashion. This came after a chaotic day one that saw two series go into overtime once.

This puts both EG and FUT into the winner's match-up to determine who will move on to the playoffs. As for the losers, they will play another another in the elimination match to see who will be eliminated in the group stage.

FUT versus T1 was the first series of day two and it was the EMEA third-seed that would dominate the first map on Pearl with a strong 13-4 scoreline. This included an eight-round winstreak that showcased the Turkish side's full strength. Doğukan "qRaxs" Balaban was the key piece in game one who managed to get four kills in a single round twice as well as being able to come out on top in one-versus-three.

Game two on Haven was a lot closer between both teams but it was FUT who ultimately came out on top at 13-7. But this time, it was Konuralp "qw1" Şahin who put the team on his back with an ace on Jett. This was enough for FUT to send T1 to the elimination bracket.

As for the next game, it was FPX who actually brought the fight to EG, putting them to the sword in both games. The first half of map one on Ascent saw both EG and FPX draw 6-6 at halftime. However, FPX would go on to win only two more rounds with EG putting in great work when on the offensive, which was enough for them to claim the first game.

The second map took place on Pearl but this time, EG would make light work during the first round with just three rounds dropped. The second half actually had FPX take five rounds in a row to try and mount a comeback but it was not enough in the end after EG's first-half domination. This was culminated by Alexander "jawgemo" Mor after he secured two separate four-kill rounds to ensure EG would go through.

Be sure to catch all the action of VCT Champions on the official VALORANT Esports Twitch channel.

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