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Photo of Team Secret players in VCT LCQ Pacific
Valorant10 months agoNeslyn "Neslyn" Apduhan

Team Secret stomps Gen.G Esports with a clean 2-0 sweep

Image Credit: Team Secret

Team Secret dominated Gen.G Esports with a clean 2-0 sweep in the upper bracket semi-finals of VCT: Last Chance Qualifier Pacific.

Team Secret advanced to the upper bracket final unscathed after a 2-0 win against Gen.G Esports. The Filipino team showed dominance on both maps and Gen.G could not escape the onslaught.

Team Secret picked Haven as the first map and as fans expected, they owned it. Gen.G struggled to infiltrate their defenses despite several attempts to switch up their attacks. Jeremy “Jremy” Cabrera shocked fans when he did an early push and a nasty Ace play as Raze.

This trampled down Gen.G’s hope as the first half heavily favored Team Secret with a 9-3 score. Gen.G started to find their footing in the second half and scored the three round wins. However, the momentum faded as Team Secret stole the next round win even if they were on eco round.

A few more slip-ups cost the game for Gen.G and they had to tap out of Game 1.

Team Secret looked good in Ascent, a map picked by Gen. G. The team showed individual prowess and well-executed hits. Once again, the first half of the game heavily favored Team Secret with an 8-4 score.

The Filipino team wanted to close the game but Gen.G did not give up without a fight. Gen.G scored a few significant wins and punished Team Secret for being too confident. This was not enough to tie up the scoreboard.

Team Secret asserted their dominance and sealed the game in their name. The final scoreboard showed 13-8 and indicated a 2-0 sweep against Gen.G. Fans lauded Jremy for an incredible and consistent performance on different roles.

Team Secret advanced to the upper bracket finals, a step closer to the golden ticket to VCT Champions 2023.

They will duke it out against ZETA Division for the first grand finals slot.

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