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Photo of Bleed lifting the VCT Ascension Pacific 2023 trophy in the stage
Valorant10 months agoNeslyn "Neslyn" Apduhan

Bleed eSports wins the VCT Ascension Pacific 2023 grand finals in a clean sweep

Bleed eSports dominated Scarz in the grand finals of VCT Ascension Pacific 2023.

Bleed eSports showed its firepower at the last series of VCT Ascension Pacific 2023 against Scarz. The team finished the grand finals with an impressive 3-0 sweep.

The best-of-five series started a bit shaky for Scarz as Bleed took control early on. The first half ended with a 9-3 score in favor of Bleed. However, Scarz would not go down without a fight.

The Japanese team took the first buy round of Bleed which started the team’s momentum. Scarz chalked up multiple round wins following the misplay from Bleed.

Bleed finally breaks the Scarz’s streak at round 20. The next round saw them in a match point against Scarz as the game seemed that it can go either way. During the match point, Bleed’s Nutchaphon "sScary" Matarat pulled off one of the most insane clutches in the history of VCT.

The Thai player denied the hopes of overtime for Scarz as he outsmarted them in a 1v4 round. SScary’s Omen secured the game with an impressive Ace clutch. Indeed, his home country went wild as the play unfold live in Bangkok.

The second game map was Bind which is a pick from Scarz. Hoping to regain their momentum, Scarz devised plans to topple Bleed’s sheer power but the team did not budge.

All the players from Bleed brought their A-game and it was just too much for Scarz to handle. The game heavily favored Bleed with a 13-2 score and brought them a step closer to the championship title.

Bleed looked unstoppable during the third game as their defense was a stronghold. Bleed picked the Fracture map hoping to end the tournament right there and then. Their retakes were also executed well and Scarz was pushed on the edge.

Bleed scored multiple round wins in the start until round seven when Scarz finally answered back. Scarz were looking to turn the tables around as they almost tied up the round scores.

However, Bleed did not let Scarz bounce back. The powerhouse team closed the tournament with a clean sweep and claimed the tournament title.

Bleed secured a spot in the 2024 and 2025 Pacific leagues along with a $20,000 prize money.

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