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VCT Champion Berlin: Unexpected loss in the winners match lineup

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

Sentinels sent to the Decider Match stage, while Gambit and Fnatic set to go to the quarterfinals.

A surprising result in the winners’ matches results means that one of the fan favourites will need to work harder to go to the quarterfinals stage. Three out of the four winner’s matches were played yesterday, with one currently in limbo on when it will be played. The last match between Acend and Team Envy has been rescheduled due to the investigation on the match between Acend and Keyd Stars.

Fnatic vs Vision Strikers

The first winners match to determine who moves on to the quarterfinals was between Fnatic and Vision Strikers. Both teams played to their absolute best in the three rounds played. In the first round, Icebox, both teams were head-to-head up to the end of the first half. It was in the second half that Fnatic managed to get a leg’s up against VS as they cruised to a 13-10 win.

In the second map, Haven, it was the reverse, as VS found the motivation to grab hold of the second half of the map to win the map 13-10 as well. In the last map, VS’s steam seems to run out as Fnatic dominated in the first half, and the point deficit by then was too large for VS to catch up, and the win was awarded to Fnatic.

Fnatic won 2-1.

M3 Champions vs Team Vikings

The second winners' match saw Gambit Esports meeting up with Team Vikings. As the winner of Masters Berlin, Gambit is expected to show some great games for fans – and they didn’t disappoint. The two teams showed why they deserve to be at Champions Berlin.

In the first map, Split, Gambit grabbed the win with a strong showing in both halves of the map, not giving Vikings any chance to grab wins. In Bind, it was the Vikings turn to be the aggressor, as they denied Gambit multiple times the points to win the match. In the third map, Icebox’s first half, Vikings was strong as the aggressor, but Gambit rose in the second half to turn the map into a draw and resulted in extended time for the match. Gambit showed that they are the better team as they won the two additional rounds with ease, giving them the overall win.

Gambit Esports won 2-1

Sentinels vs Team Liquid

Sentinels met up with Team Liquid after their win against FURIA in the opening matches. Like the other matches here, the two teams played three maps. In the first map – Breeze, the two teams played to their absolute limit, resulting in extending the play time this early in the match. However, Team Liquid showed a little bit more power in their play as they grabbed the wins in the two extra rounds played to give them the win in map 1.

In the second map, Bind, Sentinels rose to the challenge and managed to continue the momentum they had in map 1 to demolish Team Liquid 13-2, not giving TL a chance to win. Unfortunately, that momentum ran out in the third map Split. While both teams played to the same level in the first half, Team Liquid managed to edge out Sentinels after a technical pause in round 22.

Team Liquid won 2-1.

The next round of matches will be the elimination matches, where the losers will be eliminated from the competition. The first match will happen on December 5, between Crazy Raccoon and Team Secret.



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