VCT Challengers 3 SEA Winners

Paper Rex and BREN Esports will be SEA’s rep in Masters Berlin

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

The first Philippines and Malaysia/Singapore teams to be in VCT world stage competition

The VCT regional playoffs are over, and each region has confirmed who their representatives will be. For Southeast Asia, the two teams that have filled the spot is the Philippines-based Bren Esports and Paper Rex from Singapore.

Bren Esports

Bren is one of the most successful team to come out of Philippines – the team have been racking wins in multiple events around the region, but this is the team’s first A-tier event that they have successfully grabbed the podium, and in turn allowed them to be heading to Berlin this September.

Their journey through the Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs was a smooth one, as they breezed through the group stages, and subsequently the playoffs without conceding any matches. It is when they went up against Paper Rex in the Upper Bracket final is when they faced their biggest challenge as they lost that match 2-1.  In the end however they persevered and won against Paper Rex again in the Grand final after defeating Alter Ego in the Lower Bracket Final, where they trumped Paper Rex 3-0.

Paper Rex

Paper Rex’s journey is like Bren’s with their long trek to the Grand Final only marred by the lost they faced in the Grand Final itself. They couldn’t bring the momentum of wins they enjoyed throughout the  competition, and lost to Bren Esports in the Grand Final.

With the two teams confirmed, Southeast Asia will have the best team to represent it at Masters Berlin. The previous rep, X10 Esports unfortunately crashed out during the group stage.



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