Enter Team Vitality Game for Valorant

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

The famous esports organization dips their toes in the Valorant world

Team Vitality has just announced that they are no joining ranks in the Valorant competition space. The team will be joining with a 6-person line up.

The line-up consists of Lucas “Faqu” Petrauskas, Ben Ragab “Brahms” Perm, Wali “M4china” Manset, Vaccares “Fak” Bipravicius, Jocobas “C Nadir” Labotes with Andre “Fragon” Katz, former FunPlus Pheonix coach as their coach.

“Entering the VALORANT circuit has been a priority for us in TeamVitality since the esports scene emerged.  We have already demonstrated that we have the ability to develop a high-performance team in FPS, and with great enthusiasm we start the adventure on VALORANT.  The potential of our team is enormous, we can’t wait to compete with the best and show that TeamVitality is a true ‘cell’ of growth and success,” said Fabian” New “Divide, President and Co-founder, Team Vitality

We look forward to the team's play and success moving forward.


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