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Photo of Sunset Map in VALORANT
Valorant8 months agoNeslyn "Neslyn" Apduhan

Top 5 Agents to Play in Sunset

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Here are the top 5 agents you should play in Sunset.

Players get to experience Los Angeles on the new VALORANT map. With the new map in both unrated and competitive rotation, players fumble every time the agent selection starts.

Sunset was added to the game in the patch 7.04 update. The map featured two bomb sites and the map layout was simple without new mechanics. The middle area was crucial for both attackers and defenders and there are several options to execute control.

Sunset seemed to be Riot’s attempt to recreate Ascent, which was a heavy fan-favourite because the community claimed it to be the most balanced map. As of now, some players love the new map while others are overwhelmed with the number of corners and choke points.

Here are the top 5 agents you should start playing in Sunset to bag more wins:


Raze Valorant


With the recent huge nerf to Jett, Raze has been the alternative insta-lock agent for Duelist mains. Raze’s abilities are very powerful and explosive. Her Blast Pack, although may require a lot of hours to master, is the key to her aggressive playstyle. It can also get her out quickly during sticky situations.

Raze can clear a lot of sneaky corners in Sunset with Boom Bot and Paint Shells. Raze can also dominate the mid area by stopping an early peek with these abilities. She can position herself quickly in mid with Blast Pack and land a surprise kill.

She can also satchel her way in site pretty easily as there are areas where she can safely land a kill without getting killed.


cypher valorant


Cypher is one of the best Sentinels in the game. He remains the Sentinel with a global range for his abilities. This is important for map rotations while remaining in control of the other site. There are powerful one-way orset ups for him in Sunset which will annoy any duelist trying to enter.

If you are on the defending side, there are lineups for your Cybercage to create one-way. Combine this with Trapwires and you will surely get a kill or two.

It is very easy to flank in Sunset and having an Agent who can detect flankers or lurkers is vital for your success. If you are an attacker, make sure to leave your Trapwire behind for possible flanks. Cypher’s Spycam can also cover a lot of angles which can give your team enough information to take out enemies.


omen valorant


Omen is a powerful Controller in Sunset. He can position himself quickly to unexpected angles with Shrouded Step. With the interconnecting map areas, it’s difficult to know where he teleported.

Omen can also exert control over the entire map with lurking. The map is pretty small so it will not be a problem for the range of his Dark Cover to smoke off his teammates that are hitting the site.

Lurking is really important in Sunset as the areas are not far off from each other. It is also highly likely that you will catch rotating enemies in the process. Omen seems to be the perfect agent for this role.


skye valorant


Skye is one of the best Initiators in Sunset. She can easily detect and break traps using the Trailblazer making it easier for the Duelists to enter the site and clear it. It is also an effective way to scout enemies and ensure kill.

Her Guiding Light is not only one of the most powerful flashes in the game but it can also tell you if anyone has been blinded. The unique mechanic of her flash also makes it hard for the enemy to dodge it.

You can also heal several teammates with Regrowth. Skye is a good pick for this map as a healer if your team does not have a Sage. Skye’s ultimate ability, Seekers, is also a valuable asset to the team as it provides crucial information about enemies’ positions.


jett valorant


Even with the nerf to Jett, a lot of players still enjoyed using the agent in Sunset. Jett’s win rate in Sunset is still 49.5% with 1.09 KD. Jett’s Cloudburst can obscure vision for a short time and it can also help you reposition quickly.

You can use your Tailwind combined with Updraft and Cloudburst to clear sites. Do note that Cloudbursts now last 2.5 seconds which means that you can’t safely smoke off teammates who are planting.

Her Blade Storm can be used during eco rounds and still secure a couple of kills. This is critical to getting that Thrifty win.

Before the nerf, Jett was the most beloved duelist at any level of competition. Since most players already mastered her abilities, it might be one of the top reasons why she’s continuously being picked regardless of the map.

Make sure to run these agents on your next Sunset match to secure that win. Always check your corners and control as much space as possible to ensure that round win.

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