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Is our future (esports) generation in good hands?

The future of esports relies on the impact from those in the industry now on those that are just entering into the fold. But are they in good hands?
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VCT with Sentinel

Masters Reykjavik Day 2 & 3 – Sentinels Dominates

More teams move on to the next round of the competition.
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VCT Masters Stage 2 artwork

Masters Reykjavik Day 1 – Fnatic, Version1 and NUTURN Gaming advance to next round

Crazy Raccoon, Sharks Esports and KRU Esports will battle it out in the lower bracket.
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Image of Vtubers and Esport titles

Vtubers and the wide world of esports

Virtual avatars are injecting some fun and entertainment into everyday lives with esports
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TenZ with Sentinels

TenZ handicapped ahead of Masters Reykjavik

A freak incident with hot water leaves him with a bandaged thumb.
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VCT Stage 2 Masters artwork

Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Reykjavik Masters: Everything you need to know

The first international LAN event for Riot Game’s shooter platform is just around the corner, so here’s a preview of what you can expect.
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Sinatraa hoisting a winning throphy

Sinatraa banned for 6 months from competitive VALORANT

This decision was made after Sentinels and Riot Games completed their investigation
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 someone writing down in a notebook

Competitive edge and fair play

As with traditional sports, esports teams seek out ways to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. How do some teams gain an advantage and is it fair play
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Sinatraa of Sentinels Valorant

Sinatraa is unsure on his professional VALORANT return

He will continue to create content through streaming however
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VCT Masters Berlin announcement image

Third VCT Masters will be held in Berlin this coming September

The final international competition will have 16 teams qualify for the event instead of 10 for Reykjavik
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