VCT Masters NA – Sentinel wins the North America VCT Masters 1

The crowd favorite did a clean sweep in the grand final match versus FaZe Clan
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VCT Masters SEA - X10 Esports wins the first VCT Masters for South East Asia

In a thrilling final, the Thai-team almost lost their grip on the trophy
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TSM announces new all-women VALORANT team for VCT Game Changers

More girl power competing in the growing esports title
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Valorant updates – vice and C9 part ways, patch 2.05, new weapon pack

C9 and Daniel "vice" Kim parts ways
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Women appointment and teams heading to VALORANT

CLG enters VALORANT with all-women roster and Riot Games hires Victoria Horsley for league operations, global competitive team, VALORANT
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VCT Masters NA – FaZe Clan vs Sentinels fighting for grand final spot

100 Thieves and Team Envy continues their Masters journey in the lower brackets
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Sinatraa shows off insane flanking Echo trick in Overwatch return stream

Former Overwatch League MVP turned Valorant pro Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won returned to the game that made him famous during a March 1 Twitch stream and it’s clear
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[Op-Ed] Teabagging : The ultimate flex or sexual harrasment?

Teabagging has been a controversial taunt in FPS games. Is this move a lost art of showing who’s the boss or just plain vulgar for both sides of the party?
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Riot Games and Sentinels suspends Sinatraa following sexual abuse allegations

This suspension rules him out from the upcoming VCT Masters NA this weekend
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VCT Masters NA & EU – Teams to look out for

Surprises are rife in the first major level qualification tournament for the popular FPS game
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