Forev Interview from TI 7: “I think LFY will win this“

For three years straight he’s been a constant at the only Korean Dota 2 team. After a top 6 finish at TI 6 with MVP Phoenix, Forev moved to Digital Chaos to have a taste of NA Dota.

TI 7 Interview with OG’s N0taiL: "We are aiming for a lower bracket run to the Aegis"

Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein, along with Tal 'Fly' Aizik has been a frontrunner in making OG the dominant force they are today.

Team Liquid - GH Interview: "Teammates made my transition into a professional player really easy”

From being a relatively unknown player a few months back to becoming one of the most influential position four players in the game, Maroun 'GH' Merhej has come a long way in a very short time.

TI 7 profile: HellRaisers, the clue is in the name

They formed five days before TI 7 open qualifiers, they’ve delivered the biggest upset in the European qualifiers, they’ve been through the obligatory Dota 2 drama and their name is HellRaisers.

TI 7 profile: Infamous, the trailblazers

Coming from Lima, Peru, Infamous are the first-ever South American team to make it to one of the biggest esports event ever, The International 2017.

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