The calm before the storm: where the teams stand for ETS NA 2

The qualifiers are over and the teams are set. As the teams prepare and rest for the main event, let's rundown how they got here.

New teams highlight qualifier #7, but Pandas still dominate

NA ETS Qualifier #7 saw less well known teams and more newly formed teams, which is the main focus of this tournament. In this qualifier we got a look at some brand-new teams that we may want to keep an eye on in the future.

ETS Qualifier #6 proclaims loudly: Don't grab that Dragon Knight!

Team Blaze seeks to prove it can crack tier 1 vs. Cloud9. Rehgar, Jaina, and Zeratul matter while Zagara may not.  And is there a new Li Ming build on the compettitve horizon?

Putting it all on the Gall: COGnitive and Tempo Storm meet in qualifier #5

Supports and old school melee assassins fill the draft screen while two NA power houses flip the script.

Li-Ming banned nearly every game while Lunara finds competitive popularity

2Arc took first place in Enter the Storm NA Qualifier #4 thanks to powerful Lunara, Rehgar, and Stitches picks.

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